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Microsoft "Microsoft product manager Petr Bobek has confirmed that the software maker is planning to release native iOS and Android versions of Office 2013 next year. Speaking at a press event in the Czech Republic earlier today, Bobek told Czech site IHNED that native apps will be made available from March 2013." Smart move. There's money to be made here, but I am wondering what kind of functionality they're going to reserve for Windows users.
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by Stubbs on Wed 10th Oct 2012 16:39 UTC
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Microsoft is trying to move office to a subscription model. I think they'll probably let users use any device they choose as long as they pay for the subscriptions. Sort of like the Spotify or Netflix of the office productivity world.

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RE: Subscription
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 10th Oct 2012 17:08 in reply to "Subscription"
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That absolutely makes the most sence. But, and here is a big but, how will they distribute them? Apple requires 30% off the top of any purchase price plus a portion of subscription revenue and ad revenue. With Android, they could just host it on, or even in the play store and do whatever they want with it.

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RE[2]: Subscription
by Thom_Holwerda on Wed 10th Oct 2012 17:20 in reply to "RE: Subscription"
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Apple and Microsoft are very close partners. They will most likely strike a deal.

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RE[2]: Subscription
by Yamin on Wed 10th Oct 2012 17:45 in reply to "RE: Subscription"
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Good businesses focus on making money.
A friend of mine once told me, there's only 2 kinds of relationships in this world
1) win-win
2) lose-lose

If you're going to have a relationship with someone, make sure it is win-win. Otherwise it will or eventually will be a lose lose.

If Microsoft is going to engage in a relationship with Apple, and they want to make money, they will make sure it is Win-Win. Apple gets a nice cut. Microsoft gets a nice cut.

You can only hope Balmer keeps his eye on the money.

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