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Apple It's one of those days again: Apple held a product announcement today, announcing several new products. The most important of which was rumoured about for a long time now: a smaller iPad. It's called the iPad mini, and has the potential to become the best-selling iPad - and thus, the best selling tablet.
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RE[2]: Too late !
by henderson101 on Thu 25th Oct 2012 23:13 UTC in reply to "RE: Too late !"
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Again, Try to install the Amazon store app on your Nexus 7 right now - it is still listed as "not supported on your nexus 7" as of my last attempt today. Yet, oddly, it installs just fine from the Amazon app store. Mod me down if you have tried this and can prove I'm wrong, otherwise grow some balls you fucking sheep.

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RE[3]: Too late !
by Kochise on Fri 26th Oct 2012 06:10 in reply to "RE[2]: Too late !"
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If I ever wanted to buy something less open than the iPad, I would have bought a Kindle. So what's your point to focus on Amazon's app ?

Android is the less closed system out there right now, real FOSS systems are subpar face to the available proprietary solutions, so it's not even an option.

Microsoft with Windows 8/RT is going to join Apple in the land of restricted user experience, unlike claims their expensive marketing campaign.

Now, tell me how much Android restrict you from playing music and video (DicePlayer ?), read ebooks, surf the Internet (Opera ?), develop (Eclipse ?) and... root plus recompile the whole kernel ?


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RE[4]: Too late !
by henderson101 on Fri 26th Oct 2012 09:34 in reply to "RE[3]: Too late !"
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The point is the Amazon app is one of the 5 or so apps I attempted to install on "day one". 3 or so months later, it is still apparently blocked (for what ever reason.) There's no *good* reason, because it installs and runs fine if you use Amazon's app store or an APK. But why should I, a consumer, have to jump through those types of hoops? Average Joe won't.

Amazon isn't the focus, it's the symptom of a greater problem.

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