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Linux A new version of the real-time Linux scheduler called SCHED_DEADLINE has been released on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. For people who missed previous submissions, it consists of a new deadline-based CPU scheduler for the Linux kernel with bandwidth isolation (resource reservation) capabilities. It supports global/clustered multiprocessor scheduling through dynamic task migrations. This new version takes into account previous comments/suggestions and is aligned to the latest mainline kernel. A video about SCHED_DEADLINE is also available on YouTube.
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RE: lie-nux at it again.
by KrustyVader on Sun 28th Oct 2012 17:48 UTC in reply to "lie-nux at it again."
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Linux have lots of problems, GNome and KDE create, from my point of view, create a madness with the libraries dependence. Sometimes for installing a simple program i need 30 libraries.

Thankfully there are lot of option in Linux, and for some reason i keep choosing Slackware as a base installation (but without KDE).

And for Real Time O.S. QNX is (sadly) no more a valid option. It belongs to RIM and you can guess what will happen.

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RE[2]: lie-nux at it again.
by Gullible Jones on Sun 28th Oct 2012 18:45 in reply to "RE: lie-nux at it again."
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Linux desktops have (IMHO) taken a turn for the worse lately, but don't mistake that for what's happening under the hood. Newer kernels have some really cool features (and IMO perform better on ancient hardware than the old 2.6 series).

(And fortunately there are still Mate and Xfce on the desktop front. Also Trinity, though that doesn't seem to be as functional right now.)

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