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Apple "Earlier this week Apple fired Scott Forstall, the architect of its iOS platform, and handed his duties over to the company's chief industrial designer, Jonathan Ive. Ive and Forstall had an infamously chilly working relationship, and one of their biggest disagreements was over the role of so-called 'skeuomorphic' design in Apple's products. Forstall, like his mentor Steve Jobs, favored it; Ive disliked it. To many observers, Forstall's forced exit looks like a vindication of Ive's stance. But if he wants to continue Apple's enviable trend of innovation, he'd be a fool to throw the baby of skeuomorphism out with Forstall's bathwater." Hoped for a thorough article on the benefits of skeuomorphism - got the age-old and intrinsically invalid excuse 'because it sells'. Windows isn't he best desktop operating system because it sells so well. Lady Gaga isn't the best artist because she sells a lot of records. This argument is never valid, has zero value, and adds nothing to what should be an interesting discussion.
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Memory sharing in kernel space is a pretty big indicator of a combined work. If they caved on the DMA for nvidia, the GPL would become essentially worthless. They really had no choice but to tell nvidia to fuck off.

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Then don't cry if nobody wants your product because it is BROKEN, okay? because you have JUST stated that the GPL is more important than a functional OS which is frankly why Linux gained NO share during Vista and will gain NO share during Win 8, because honestly that is the attitude of the devs and nobody wants to stare at a broken PC going "Well I'm at least free of "the man", fight the power!" so you go NOWHERE.

Hell I could wallpaper this page with fails caused by the GPL, from AMD having to hand over half their code to FOSS which led to an UGLY hack where Linux sucks more than 30% more power than Windows because hardware acceleration can use ONLY the shaders and NOT UVD which was actually designed for the task, to Dell having to run their own BADLY behind repos just to keep the drivers from breaking every other month, but why bother? Your statement says it all, there will be NO compromise therefor your product will go nowhere, simple as that.

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