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In the News The desktop and laptop world is dominated by x86, the mobile/embedded world by ARM. Conventional wisdom, right? Not really. There's also MIPS - hundreds of millions of embedded devices run on MIPS, and for years now, the architecture has been trying to break into the mobile world dominated so much by ARM. They just a got a boost: MIPS has been acquired by Imagination Tech, most known for its PowerVR graphics chips used in a lot of smartphones and tablets.
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Ah the good MIPS processor :-)
by lord_rob on Wed 7th Nov 2012 20:58 UTC
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I used MIPS to learn assembly (especially by reverse engineering console games ;) .

It was very cool to do that with my old PlayStation 1 and an ActionReplay flashed with an alternative ROM called Caetla. I've written some (very)small games, just for fun. And some trainers.

It was very cool, back in the days. I miss MIPS architecture ;) .

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Net Yaroze devs also probably had lots of fun... and some of their productions, included on the CDs of Official PS1 magazine, certainly rivalled many commercial games in fun department.

Sometimes even quite extensive games, all in 2 MiB of main RAM... (Net Yaroze productions couldn't load additional data after launch, entirety of those games had to fit in RAM)

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A bit of a shameless plug...

I am the author of the open source PlayStation development kit, the PSXSDK. No support for 3D operations and broken memory card support right now, but otherwise functional.
Check it out:
You can run it on any estabilished operating system because it is based on off the shelf gcc/binutils.

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