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In the News The desktop and laptop world is dominated by x86, the mobile/embedded world by ARM. Conventional wisdom, right? Not really. There's also MIPS - hundreds of millions of embedded devices run on MIPS, and for years now, the architecture has been trying to break into the mobile world dominated so much by ARM. They just a got a boost: MIPS has been acquired by Imagination Tech, most known for its PowerVR graphics chips used in a lot of smartphones and tablets.
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RE[2]: Comment by strim
by zima on Thu 8th Nov 2012 02:55 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by strim"
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Consider the Raspberry Pi story: the team was persistent enough to get a TRM from Qualcomm, of all things, and yet Linux on the RPi still relies on binary blobs for GPU operation...

NVM the Qualcomm/Broadcom mixup - it seems that the design bureau of the Broadcom SoC used in RPi is a stone's throw away from Raspberry Pi HQ:
Also, IIRC, one of the ~historical ~heads of RPi works at Broadcom now.

Both were probably important factors in SoC choice (not so much "going Broadcom despite the troubles", more "keeping it close to home")

PS. This news, of Imagination Tech acquiring MIPS, is probably also about "family business" - this time, a bit of a turmoil in the family. After all ARM Ltd. bought, not a long time ago, some Norwegian GFX fellows - That's where ARM Ltd. got Mali GFX cores.
Meanwhile, Imagination Tech was and still is a major provider of GFX cores in ARM ecosystem. So it's ARM Ltd. who kinda threw the gauntlet here?

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RE[3]: Comment by strim
by bnolsen on Thu 8th Nov 2012 05:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by strim"
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could be arm saw how imageon screwed intel with the gma500 and decided they wanted to survive?

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