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Google After the short story on Chrome for Android not entirely living up to the promise of its desktop sibling, I went on a serious Android browser testing spree - fueled by suggestions from readers here and on Twitter. The conclusion? As much choice as there is, they all seem to be lacking in one important aspect: user interface. Ugly, inconsistent, non-Holo, confusing - and this applies to Chrome as much as it does to third party browsers. Since I really want a good Android browser, I sat down, and about 23 seconds later, I realised that all the ingredients for a really good and distinctive Android browser are right here in front of everyone using Android. Also: this approach would result in a tablet interface, all for free!
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not really but is..
by jimmystewpot on Tue 13th Nov 2012 08:41 UTC
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I've ditched all the browsers on android except Auroa which is the next version of firefox.. i.e. Firefox -> Firefox Beta -> Aurora.

While there are occasional bugs the speed is fabulous and it's constantly updated which means that some experimental features are included then revoked or kept.. I find it the best browser on my 4.2inch Desire HD and Nexus 7.. on my Touchpad with Cyanogen mod it crashes regularly.. not sure why yet i have not had time to debug it.

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