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Linux Since its 4.4.10 release way back in 2008, Damn Small Linux languished as an inactive project. But a month ago John Andrews announced 4.11 release candidate 2. It includes updated apps and bug fixes. Download from here (only 50m). More on what's in the release candidate here. DSL is popular for making older computers useful and also works well as a tiny live distro.
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Does it work on a Raspberry Pi?
by rklrkl on Fri 23rd Nov 2012 12:20 UTC
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It would seem obvious that a good target device would be the Raspberry Pi, but I see no mention of that on the DSL site. Surely getting the distro to work on the Pi would get its return a lot more publicity? Maybe it does work on the Pi, but the site doesn't make that clear.

It's not only old slow kit that can use DSL, it's new slow kit too :-)

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by Nico57 on Fri 23rd Nov 2012 18:14 in reply to "Does it work on a Raspberry Pi?"
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Last time I checked, 'm' was the unit symbol for 'meter'.

PS: should have been a top-level comment, not a reply, sorry.

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Tiny core are working on a Raspberry Pi port.

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Now that is something I'd love to see! I already enjoy running TCL on Wyse thin clients, I can just imagine how well it would do on the Pi. It is by far the fastest and most responsive of the lightweight distros I've tried.

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Wont happen, the kernel and userland is too old, it wont compile unless it is ported. Even if it did, it would not work (kernel 2.4).

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