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In the News Hard to believe, but articles are popping up at business websites claiming that venerable Hewlett-Packard may fail. In their most recent fiasco, HP wrote off a loss of $8.8 of their $11.1 US billion acquisition of Autonomy and have alleged fraud in the deal. Revenue is down 7% from a year ago and the stock has hit a 10-year low. The company is laying off 27K employees but that may not be enough. Some speculate HP might be broken up into parts with buy-outs involved. This article from last May offers a good in-depth analysis of how all these problems came to pass.
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Now, I might be off base...
by deathshadow on Tue 27th Nov 2012 19:02 UTC
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But just who the **** is "autonomy" and what do they even do? I'm no closer to figuring that out after reading the wikipedia entry for them than I was before I even heard the name...

What I do see visiting their website is a bunch of marketspeak and feel good theory, the type of thing a suit who takes IT advice from the pages of Forbes might fall for -- such practice being the equivalent of taking financial advice from the pages of Popular Electronics.

I do however see card stacking, glittering generalities and transfer. Sounds to me like HP was too stupid to realize that there's no substance underneath the endlessly vague and pointless use of 'feel good' terminology that seems to make up the companies front. Shades of a decade ago with "sophisticated IT investor, will give cash for vague promises"

... and then after the suits were too stupid to realize there's no actual product of value, they wonder why it's a money pit? *SIGH* THE MOMENT you hear terms like "human information" or "meaning based computing", much less real gems like "Vertical Customer base" - followed by a list of megacorporations that are completely unrelated, your common sense should be tingling.

Common Sense -- it's a superpower.

I recognize this companies methodologies fully -- it's the same stuff SEO scam artists have used to turn search into a cottage industry when it's all a bunch of flim-flam fantasyland nonsense... or worse, the type of thing that allows outright criminal companies like commodities houses to skim off the top of real products -- since for every Enron there are dozens more who make a buck doing nothing of value apart from, in the words of Eddie Murphy "Oh I get it, you'all a bunch of bookies!"

I'm half expecting to come across a section saying that Autonomy is proactive and a totally outrageous paradigm given the rest of the sick buzzwords that fills up the literature about them. (For those of you who missed it, that's a "Simpsons" joke)

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