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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Once you've got used to it, and that the Hub is the home screen, BB10 is by some distance the most brutally efficient multitouch interface I have used so far. It makes the others look like hard work. Yes, the odds are stacked against RIM - and when it comes to the as-yet unseen hardware, it needs to pull some crackers out of the barrel. But phones sell on the user interface, and this is very good indeed." Basically how I feel about Windows Phone. Much more pleasurable and fun to use than the childish and condescending iOS, and the at times confusing and messy Android (more Holo please, developers!), but sadly, the rest of the world doesn't really care.
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but this was a picnic compared to WP8, which seemed to consistently both annoy the hell out of me and put me on edge.

I've never been a user of OSX or any version of Windows beyond Windows XP.

I feel the same way when I use OSX, Windows Vista, Windows 7, etc.

I'm sure it just takes time to get used to. I know there are people who are comfortable with OSX, and Windows 7... to me, because I don't use them regularly, they often make me angry.

The worst thing you could ask me (and my mother-in-law did this over thanksgiving) is to set up a printer on a Windows 7 machine. 2 things I despise.

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So you admit despise your mother-in-law?

(you said two things)

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