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Linux "This tree removes ancient-386-CPUs support and thus zaps quite a bit of complexity [...] which complexity has plagued us with extra work whenever we wanted to change SMP primitives, for years. Unfortunately there's a nostalgic cost: your old original 386 DX33 system from early 1991 won't be able to boot modern Linux kernels anymore. Sniff. I'm not sentimental. Good riddance." Almost 21 years of support for a professor. Not bad.
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RE: Yes you CAN run your old 386
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 12th Dec 2012 23:06 UTC in reply to "Yes you CAN run your old 386"
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There will probably even remain some specialist distros that combine the last i386-compatible kernel with the latest packages. Hell, some distros even go as far as using the 2.4 kernel in the name of backward compatibility already (ie. Damn Small Linux).

If it's holding Linux back, I'm glad it's being removed from the kernel. Those machines are ancient, rare, falling apart if they haven't done so already, and really not good for much of anything here in late 2012.

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