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Games As a kind of follow-up to ArsTechnica's previous round of technical articles on the hardware that powers the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, they decided to step back a bit from the technical details and take a broader look at how the next generation of consoles fit into the home entertainment picture.
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smashIt Member since:

the dreamcast is my all-time-favorite

soul calibur
grandia 2 (only grandia 1 has a better OST than this)
metropolis street racer
jet set radio
sonic adventure
VIRTUA TENNIS!!!! i never thought that playing tennis on a console would be pure fun o_O
chuchu rocket
skies of arcadia
floigan brothers
crazy taxi
f355 challange

man, did I spend a lot of money i this console @_@

the first console to offer online-gaming was the megadrive (genesis)

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