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FreeBSD The FreeBSD project has announced the immediate release of version 9.1, featuring a new Intel GPU driver and dozens of other drivers, an optional new C+11 stack, lots of improvements to IPv6 hardware offload support, and more. You can now run a ZFS file system in a jail, and the kernel now provides support for IronLake, SandyBridge, and IvyBridge CPUs. Check out the release notes for the juicy details.
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RE: Hardware
by Vanders on Mon 31st Dec 2012 22:48 UTC in reply to "Hardware"
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It's not just wireless, hardware in general seems to be a problem. I've tested the 9.x series on around 12-15 machines so far. I think it has successfully booted on 2 or 3 of those machines.

I couldn't even get the FreeBSD 9 installer to boot on some HP servers (SL390's) when I tried. Admittedly this was via. the iLO3 virtual DVD-ROM drive, but that works in FreeBSD 8 and for an OS that's supposed to be suitable for servers, it's kind of worrying that it failed to boot on such common server hardware under such common conditions.

If I get the chance I'll try 9.1 in the next week or so and see if that's any better.

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