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Hardware, Embedded Systems Asus is the company that shook up the laptop market a couple of years ago with their introduction of the EeePC netbook. And with their announcement that they will no longer be producing netbooks in 2013, Charles Arthur over at the Guardian UK has declared that the netbook era has now come to an end. Sad news for those of us who still love our netbooks! Harry McCracken over at Time Mag thinks they'll be back. Anybody who spends time wiping the smears off their tablet's touchscreen might agree.
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with a detachable keyboard, a touchscreen and .. oh, wait!

I see your point and raise you:
- Google, Apple, or Microsoft spying on you if you want full functionality.
- Imperfect support for hardware keyboards and gaming controls.
- A shortage of good, GPLed applications like gVim, Comix, and Brogue with trustable, easy-to-replicate packaging processes. (I like Gentoo and Debian)
- You're paying for GPS and cellular with no hardware kill switch even if you'd sooner fry those chips than unset Airplane Mode to use the WiFi.
- The hassle of detachable hinges breaking or detaching when you don't want them to.
- Closed-source drivers and a GUI which doesn't encourage hacking from the outset.

I think you can see why I'll stick with buying a folding bluetooth keyboard for coding on my OpenPandora or, when I don't need battery life, using a BIOS-based x86 laptop.

(...though my mother would be happy with anything that replicates her 2Ghz Lubuntu-based laptop in a purse-sized package so she can comfortably write stories and articles on the go.)

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