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Amiga & AROS Icaros Desktop, the popular distribution of the AROS Research Operating System, has recently released its version 1.5, a new milestone since it finally allows to run classic Amiga software and games on full screen or perfectly integrating them into the host AROS desktop.
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RE[5]: Comment by lucas_maximus
by Zbigniew on Sun 6th Jan 2013 22:08 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by lucas_maximus"
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I wanted to give Icaros a try - downloaded Live - and only the latest menu entry allowed to boot it at all. Choosing first or second one results in complaining of my monitor: "mode not supported (H:90.1 kHz, V:60.1 Hz). Then the machine seems to be hung (had to use hardware reset). Choosing the third one shows some boot messages, but stops loading on "[packet] couldn't open bsd.handler" message. The last one booted successfully - but it looks awful, of course, in 16 colours.

It doesn't seem to be prepared to run on somewhat older hardware - most probably it requires rather recent monitors to try it. When switched to rather modern Gateway monitor, I could see boot messages in all available boot modes - still it doesn't work.

Mobo Gigabyte GA-M56S-S3, Sempron64, ATI HD5450 (Tried also with Nvidia on that second monitor).
IMHO it could be somewhat better tested before making a release, and such "demanding" graphics modes shouldn't be used for "live", where I can't tweak configuration file - since it's written on DVD-ROM. It just either will work, or not (and this time it isn't).

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Have a look in the guide, chapter 2 IIRC.

You should be able to pass settings to kernel before downloading it, just choose a suitable boot line like

Icaros Desktop (Legacy 800x600 resolution)

and press E. Then have a look into this setting


and kill the @60 part, maybe this is forcing AROS to a video frequency your monitor does not support. To continue booting, press Ctrl+X.

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Zbigniew Member since:

Thanks, but it seems, that you didn't read my comment carefully enough.
I wrote, that using third setting my monitor, well, shows the messages, just OS stops boot process at some particular point. And no: removing "@60" didn't help. As I wrote: I tried Icaros also with the other monitor - which hadn't problems with the frenquencies - and Icaros didn't work there neither.

Anyway IMHO the default settings shouldn't be set to such demanding values, that without reading some manuals it's not possible to take a look at what Icaros offers. Quite opposite: it should have settings "easy for everyone" (well, for the most, at least...), and when one needs something more sophisticated, in such case - after the lecture of manuals etc. - he can change some command-line parameters, selecting higher frequency this way (or whatever).

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You can add VESA graphics to the last mode by editing it and adding something like "vesa=1024x768". Possibly your system needs ATA DMA turned off.

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No, it didn't change anything - but your suggestion made me compare all the boot config lines. Yes, when disabling DMA, I was able to run 3rd "mode" as well - still: the graphics remained as ugly, as in 4th one.

What a pity, that it's so cumbersome. IMHO it has been released to early (at least as "regular" release, with no "beta" neither "pre"), without being well-tested.

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