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Internet & Networking Reedit: "A minimalist, elastic and read-only Reddit web-app client, that lets you create custom 'Channels' with up to 3 subreddits each." Probably the first web application I've used that doesn't make me long for something native. Fantastic work.
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Not my thing
by deathshadow on Mon 7th Jan 2013 20:35 UTC
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Really it's just not the sort of application I would use -- reddit and it's ilk just ain't my bag -- but that said it is TRULY an amazing piece of work; and it proves something I've said for ages -- if you're going to build a web application, do NOT sleaze it out with some crappy off the shelf framework.

The whole thing relies on a mere 82k of javascript that is served compressed as well under 26k. (an additional 36k of google analytics crap compressed to 15k craps all over what I'd consider a good site).

In the age of people barfing up multi-megabyte monstrosities of JavaScript train wrecks with idiotic bloated frameworks like jQuery and Mootools on the table -- this type of clean, minimalist well deployed code is a truly refreshing change of pace. Most such libraries by themselves being larger than this entire application.

Were that more web developers had the talent, skill and work ethic to build web applications this way -- then web apps wouldn't have the reputation for being absolute crap that makes Java/Swing look good.

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