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Windows So, a rudimentary jailbreak for Windows RT made its way onto the web these past few days. Open source applications were ported right away, and it was confirmed that Windows RT is the full Windows - it's exactly the same as regular Windows, except that it runs on ARM. Microsoft responded to the jailbreak as well.
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RE[11]: Comment by saso
by Sodki on Wed 9th Jan 2013 17:51 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: Comment by saso"
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In fact, its rather curious that you didn't go straight for Alt+Tab, since its how you would do it using Windows 7.

Not at all. In Windows 7 or in any other popular operating system or window manager (ratpoison doesn't count) I would just click the little "X" button on the corner of the Window. It's something highly visible and useful. Or I could just click on the Window that I was before because I could see it. There's nothing wrong with this old-fashined (sarcasm) approach.

But there is this modern idea that WIMP is dead, the mouse is dead, discoverabiliity is dead, etc.. Whatever.

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RE[12]: Comment by saso
by Nelson on Wed 9th Jan 2013 22:39 in reply to "RE[11]: Comment by saso"
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You don't need to close Metro apps, that's why the close functionality is obscured.

Metro apps are automatically suspended when you navigate away from them, their memory released when under memory pressure, and they're automatically terminated when pressure becomes so great that the system deems it right to do so.

Metro apps are also programmed to save state in the event of any of this happening so it is entirely transparent to the user.

Are you running into a situation where an open Metro app is somehow detracting from your experience or is it OCD on your part?

Also re: The Alt+Tab, that's how I switch apps on Windows 7. You mentioned "going back to" so I figured that was the functionality you needed.

If you absolutely must close a Metro app, you can drag from the top of the screen to the bottom or use Ctrl+F4, but again, you shouldn't have to.

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