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Windows Tom Warren: "While Intel is trying to keep the Windows tree healthy, Microsoft is hoping that the leaves don't start to drop off before its own family of Surface devices are fully ready. Redmond isn't 'priming the pump' here, it's planting seeds for the future. If Microsoft is successful then it could be the world's biggest Windows OEM in just a few years. The future is Surface." You just have to look at the difference in build quality and supplied software between OEM devices and Surface even though Surface is cheaper to realise that the age of Windows OEMs is coming to an end. The writing's on the wall, and the OEMs know it: there's no future for them in Windows.
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by Deviate_X on Sun 13th Jan 2013 21:21 UTC in reply to "Comment by bnolsen"
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MS is probably counting on the OEMs current total dependence on them to be crippling (due to the monopoly system the OEMs helped set up in the 90's). Almost all OEMs have no ability to do anything on the software side and currently rely on crapware layers to make their money after the MS tax.

MS sort of gets it, the only way for them to survive the commoditization wars is to commodotize part of the system itself.

Unless there are other very ugly terms going with ChromeOS it seems like a logical migration path for the OEMs to try.

I think the MS tax things is pretty mythical these days. I've popped in to many computer shops and what i see is:

* section for apple

* section for android tablets + chrome book (linux)

* section for windows laptop + desktops

In short Microsoft does not have a monopoly on personal computing, and most of the big OEMs are shipping Windows and Android (Linux) computers/tablets.

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