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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The smartphone world is, at this point, a two-horse race. Android has the numbers, Apple's iOS has the figures. Everything else - Symbian, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc. - are also-rans. Irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Even though, say, Windows Phone not making any serious headway into the market, despite boatloads of money poured into the platform, RIM still thinks it can do better with BB10. Austrian website Telekom-Presse has a pretty detailed video hands-on with a BB10 device - the Z10 - and it left me with one burning question: what is BB10's identity?
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The only thing I somewhat like about BB OS is that it takes some UI cues from WebOS - but even that was done in a much inferior way (I still love the WebOS card metaphor and their implementation of it).

Same experience here. I picked one up when they reached the CAD $140 mark a few months back - I'd used one when they were first released and I'm also using a Pre2, so I figured I'd get some use out of it just because of the UI being familiar/comfortable.

But in practice, I've found that it's *just* different enough to cause an "uncanny valley" effect - E.g. webOS reacts to much shorter swipes from the top/bottom than PlaybookOS does (though it could just be perception, due to the different screen sizes). That (IME) makes the UI feel less responsive. Though I will say that the bundled EMail client (once RIM finally released one) beats the pants off anything I've tried for Android tablets - seriously, when did auto/self-BCC become some kind of exotic/premium feature?

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