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Windows Tom Warren: "While Intel is trying to keep the Windows tree healthy, Microsoft is hoping that the leaves don't start to drop off before its own family of Surface devices are fully ready. Redmond isn't 'priming the pump' here, it's planting seeds for the future. If Microsoft is successful then it could be the world's biggest Windows OEM in just a few years. The future is Surface." You just have to look at the difference in build quality and supplied software between OEM devices and Surface even though Surface is cheaper to realise that the age of Windows OEMs is coming to an end. The writing's on the wall, and the OEMs know it: there's no future for them in Windows.
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Yeah and as somebody old enough to remember those days (My first PC was a VIC 20, my parents got it because it was endorsed by The Shat) I can tell you those days SUUUUCCCCKKKKEEEED with a capital S! NOTHING worked together, NOTHING could be upgraded, and it ALL ended up in the trash when corporate moved to "the next new thing" because you quickly wouldn't get any software or hardware for the thing.

Again its just like a game console and ruins what for me was the big reason to choose PCs over consoles, the fact you could use them for other things when its gaming years were done. heck my very FIRST gaming PC is STILL GOING, it was a 60MHz 486SX I believe and its being used as a C&C for an ancient lathe at a local lumber mill. Talked to the guy that owns the place a year ago, he says that old thing still purrs like a kitten, runs the lathe 6 days a week. man they don't make 'em like that anymore.

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