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Graphics, User Interfaces Ever since I bought my HTC HD7 way back in October 2010, I have been hooked on Windows Phone. Without even being able to test-drive the new operating system (The Netherlands didn't get Windows Phone 7 until a year later), I imported the HD7 from the US - the minimalist, stark, clean, flat, and textual interface spoke to me, and I just knew I would like it. And like it, I did.
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Pretty but not for me
by wocowboy on Mon 21st Jan 2013 12:37 UTC
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I have to agree that the Windows Phone interface is pretty, the motion/updating effects are interesting though they can be a bit too busy at times, but it can take a bit of effort to realize just exactly what you are seeing being updated, as app labels and icons for those apps don't seem to be considered important for at-a-glance uses. Part of the beauty of both iOS and Android is having a unique, easily-identifyable icon for each app that makes it easy to find and see if it has something to tell you.

But the one "feature" that makes the OS unusable for me is the One-Long-List-of-Apps you have to scroll through. It's horrible if you have a lot of apps installed on your phone. iOS's capability of sorting your apps into individual, nameable "folders" or groups of similar-use apps is just SO much better than just having all your apps in one big long alphabetical list. Especially when they don't have an icon you can remember associated with them for viewing, but that would be too "old-school" I guess. Some apps (on all platforms, not just WP) have catchy, kicky names that have nothing to do with what the app does, which makes it even harder to remember and find what you are looking for. This is the killer feature for me. There are others but they are more minor. Others may find one long list of apps useful, and too each his own, but not me.

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RE: Pretty but not for me
by MOS6510 on Mon 21st Jan 2013 12:51 in reply to "Pretty but not for me"
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If you go to the apps list you can tap a letter and from there jump to any other letter. It's not ideal I guess.

It's a shame you can't group apps. Games are automatically put under "games", but the rest join the big list.

What I also dislike is that some/a lot of tiles have their own color, ignoring the "theme" you select. This includes tiles on the home screen where all my tiles are blue, except for a green one.

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