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Google Fantastic article by The Verge: "Something strange and remarkable started happening at Google immediately after Larry Page took full control as CEO in 2011: it started designing good-looking apps. [...] We went to Google looking for the person responsible for the new design direction, but the strange answer we got is that such a person doesn't exist. Instead, thanks to a vision laid out by a small team of Google designers, each product team is finding its way to a consistent and forward-looking design language thanks to a surprising process. They're talking to each other." I think Google's recent complete design transformation is one of the most remarkable shifts this industry has seen post-iPhone. I think the importance and possible ramifications of this shift are best captured by Tom Dale: Google is getting better at design faster than Apple is getting better at web services.
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I think its broader
by Nelson on Fri 25th Jan 2013 18:54 UTC
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A lot of the big tech companies have done some soul searching when it comes to visual design and identity.

Look at Yahoo's new Mail experience. Look at Microsoft doing a complete rebranding and visual overhaul of almost all of their core products.

Look at BlackBerry 10 eschewing the terrible BB7 for a more unified look.

Companies are realizing that they are often an impediment to the user experience when they don't get out of the way. Minimalism is key here. Users want their content, if there's too much chrome, its indicative of a bad design.

I'm glad Android finally stopped trying to be iOS and started finding their own identity. Android apps (the newer ones) now look uniquely Android AND coincidentally it doesn't look terrible.

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