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Internet & Networking In the past, OS News has discussed how U.S. broadband access lags many other countries in terms of cost, speed, and availability. Now, this detailed report from the New America Foundation tells why. It all comes down to a lack of competition among the carriers, which can be traced back to the days when cable companies were granted local monopolies. The report argues that " caps... are hardly a necessity. Rather, they are motivated by a desire to further increase revenues from existing subscribers and protect legacy services such as cable television from competing Internet services." The report's conclusion: don't expect improvements without legislative action.
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"Still, even with that being considered, I still feel horribly afraid when I look at the price of telecom services in Canada. I probably won't escape those since my girlfriend wants to move there for her studies, but boy... where do you American people find all the money that goes in your cellphone and internet bills ?"

Well everybody here is made of money. (Wait, credit cards you say?) Some day it's all going to collapse, we're a debtor nation through and through. The difference between us and other debtor nations in europe is that we can print our own money to pay the hefty national debt. We'd be doomed with an international currency like the EU.

Yea, mobile prices are high. Everyone complains about rogers in Canada, but you take what you can get. High prices can be somewhat mitigated by sharing plans (additional fees may apply of course). I've never had a data plan, even though there are times I miss it.

Some people may do away with a land line all together, but VOIP services have been extremely competitive in the US and with a sirpura^H^H^H linksys^H^H^H cisco POTS phone adapter you can substitute it for a landline (avoid grandstream devices). My service, which I can recommend in NY, sells Canadian service cheaply.

As for broadband internet, well you'll probably end up with one choice where ever you go so that'll be that.

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