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Windows So, just as Windows Phone 7.8 has finally started rolling out to devices, Microsoft and Google kiss and make up about the whole dropping of EAS thing. Google has extended its EAS support for Windows Phone users for six months, and Microsoft will add CardDAV and CalDAV support to Windows Phone (but not Windows 8/RT, so those users are still screwed by Microsoft's incompetence).
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RE[2]: Tables have turned
by Moochman on Thu 31st Jan 2013 11:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Tables have turned"
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Are you kidding? Google totally won this. They exchange (no pun intended) keeping EAS online a few months longer for Microsoft building in the Google-championed standards into its OS... Microsoft seems to have been the one to "cave" here.

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RE[3]: Tables have turned
by Nelson on Thu 31st Jan 2013 13:37 in reply to "RE[2]: Tables have turned"
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Google backing up from a hard line stance (while getting no additional concessions from Microsoft) is a loss to Microsoft? No.

See this for what it is, two mega corporations being civil. Not exactly something you see every day.

I for one am glad that the DAV suite is coming to Windows Phone. While I believe that EAS is technically superior (and I don't think anyone here that's a serious person disputes this), I also recognize the importance of interoperability.

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