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Gnome "Some GNOME developers are planning to implement an app format that allows developers to provide their Linux programs in distribution-independent files that can be installed as easily as smartphone apps. A sandbox model is supposed to isolate the apps from each other, and from the rest of the system, in a way that goes further than the isolation in current Linux distributions. Various developers worked to conceptualise such "Linux apps" at the GNOME Developer Experience Hackfest, which was held in the run-up to FOSDEM 2013 in Brussels. At the hackfest, the GNOME developers also declared JavaScript as the de-facto standard for GNOME programming." Right, because they haven't alienated enough of their users.
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RE: Do they actually use Linux?
by nej_simon on Wed 6th Feb 2013 15:07 UTC in reply to "Do they actually use Linux?"
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Do the GNOME developers use Linux on the desktop, or are they actually using Macs and trying to develop for tablets and phones? Because they seem to be unaware that the problems they're trying to solve have already been solved (like with chroot and dpkg), which would be understandable if they weren't using Linux.

Or perhaps they just want to be distro neutral instead of being tied to a distro-specific package system like dpkg? You would have known that if you had read the article.

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