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Games "Sources with first-hand experience of Microsoft's next generation console have told us that although the next Xbox will be absolutely committed to online functionality, games will still be made available to purchase in physical form. Next Xbox games will be manufactured on 50GB-capacity Blu-ray discs, Microsoft having conceded defeat to Sony following its ill-fated backing of the HD-DVD format. It is believed that games purchased on disc will ship with activation codes, and will have no value beyond the initial user." Crap like this should be illegal. If I can't buy second-hand games at my local favourite game store, Microsoft can shove this new Xbox where the sun don't shine. Which it obviously doesn't do in Redmond if they can come up with this kind of user-hostile bullshit. You can pretty much guarantee that they have made a silent agreement with Sony to implement similar anti-user feature on the next Playstation.
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XBL was supposed to have dedicated servers. MS backtracked. No one said a word.

MS is making it's users pay for basic online capabilities. This is a free "feature" on every other platform. No one complains.

Yeah, and despite making people pay for features that other consoles offer for free, they put ads all over the dashboard. Plus, 360s were dying by the thousands, and some people have bought 3 or 4 of them because of this.

Just goes to show you that gamers, as a whole, love nothing better than to take it up the ass. Repeatedly.

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If they do this they are creating a lot of demand for competition.

Considering their 85% failure rate on the 360's I don't think it's impossible for another company to build competing hardware.

The real issue is OS. Maybe it would create enough demand for steam box (linux based) to add a physical disk drive or give Ouya (android based) a better footing in the market.

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I still have the original "100% failure" xboxes that came out in 2005.

Still running fine.

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