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Apple "Over the last half a week, Apple has been hit with the largest mass-hacking incident in its history. And the perpetrators were the company's own users. Nearly seven million iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners have cracked Apple's restrictions on their devices using the jailbreaking tool Evasi0n since the tool was released Monday morning, according to the latest count from Jay Freeman, the administrator of the app store for jailbroken devices known as Cydia. That makes the iOS-hacking app the fastest-adopted jailbreak software of all time, Freeman says." Because, of course, only nerds and geeks jailbreak. There's also a technical analysis of the jailbreak.
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RE[2]: Small percentage
by darknexus on Sat 9th Feb 2013 12:58 UTC in reply to "RE: Small percentage"
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To conclude, I support jailbreaking but I don't think that Apple should be making it easier for the average person, if only for their own good.

Ah, that old "we know what's best for you" line. Perhaps they need not make it easier, but they need not make it harder either. I still think an official way to jailbreak would be the best, but don't make it easy and do everything you can to scare those who can't handle it away. This cat and mouse game is ridiculous and is wasting developer resources that could be put to much more productive use. Plus, if you do think about it, the fact that developers are finding security holes in iOS in order to jailbreak is just a bit worrisome. I do understand why Apple closes these holes once they're found because, while most of the jailbreak community are honest, it only takes one dishonest individual to exploit these security holes for much more sinister purposes. I fully support them closing these holes, even though I do not support nor agree with their attitude towards jailbreaking. The more I think about it, The Apple/Jailbreak relationship must be a love/hate. On one hand, Apple hate what the jailbreakers do (officially at any rate) but on the other, they're essentially getting what amounts to a free security audit for at least a part of their operating system.
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RE[3]: Small percentage
by bowkota on Sat 9th Feb 2013 13:56 in reply to "RE[2]: Small percentage"
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Ah, that old "we know what's best for you" line. Perhaps they need not make it easier, but they need not make it harder either./q]

Maybe you didn't read my whole post but I think I've kind of answered this. Considering how hard it is right now to jailbreak, I've still had ~10 people come up to me and ask me to fix their "broken" iPhone; where in broken means some problem with the jailbreak. Imagine how much that number would jump if it was easier.

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