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Games "Valve today announced the release of its Steam for Linux client. In celebration of the release, over 50 Linux titles are now 50-75% off until Thursday, February 21st at 10 AM PST. The Steam client is now available to download for free from the Ubuntu Software Center. Ubuntu is the most popular distribution of Linux used by millions of people globally and known for its well-designed, easy-to-use customer experience." The beginning of the Steambox. We're on the cusp of a sea change in the gaming world.
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RE[3]: Mint?
by WorknMan on Fri 15th Feb 2013 01:22 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Mint?"
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Don't be ridiculous. If it works on Ubuntu, it will work on just about any distro out there. Especially those that will runs debs. Mint is an Ubuntu fork, why wouldn't it work?

IDK, if you can download it from the 'Ubuntu software center' and install it on any distro, why do they mention Ubuntu like 10 times in the press release, and not Mint, Fedora, etc? If anything, that confuses the hell out of end users. You said it would work in Mint, and that this should've been obvious. However, the guy asking the question didn't know that, and neither did I :-\

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RE[4]: Mint?
by Neolander on Fri 15th Feb 2013 06:30 in reply to "RE[3]: Mint?"
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Well, if I go to, click "install Steam" in the topright corner, and click on the subsequently appearing link, I get something which looks very much like a deb package.

Though I'd be the first one to agree that the Linux world's love of dynamic linking is a true cause of platform fragmentation: if packages came with exotic libraries included, as is the case on most other OSs, no one would even question whether a given package may install on its target OS.

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RE[5]: Mint?
by Soulbender on Fri 15th Feb 2013 10:22 in reply to "RE[4]: Mint?"
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Nothing is preventing Valve from using static linking and judging from Steam's horribly large size's I'd say they do.

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