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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "Having failed to carve out a place for itself in the post-PC era, Hewlett-Packard is now taking drastic measures - by adopting Google's Android operating system to run a series of upcoming mobile devices. It's a bit of a Hail Mary pass for HP, which has fallen years behind its rivals in the mobile space. It's also a big win for Google, which adds another powerful partner to the Android ecosystem." Ugh.
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Hope enough of the webOS team is left.
by tkeith on Fri 15th Feb 2013 11:02 UTC
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As the owner of an HP WebOS tablet and an HP Android tablet,(the Zeen, look it up) I hope the WebOS team is in charge. The zeen is heavily skinned with a slow, laggy widget only launcher, and many other changes. It comes with the "slideme" store, with almost no software. The Amazon app store was nice until they started blocking "incompatible" apps, and now it's as bad as the slideme store. They did upgrade it from 2.1 to 2.2, well after 2.3 was out, but otherwise updates have been scarce. Hardware is actually nice considering the price and time it came out.

WebOS on the other hand, is beautiful and well thought out. My wife still likes using her Touchpad, I also have two with Android installed. I think HP really screwed up here, since the app problem could have been solved now that so many others are also using html apps.(BB, Firefox, Tizen, ect.)

Good luck on getting a no skinned version of Android. I'm usually against skins, but I think if done right HP could have something unique. Imagine Android 4.2 with a WebOS style launcher and gesture system, that could run all standard Android apps. As long as they didn't change too much of the base system it could be easily upgraded to the latest Android version quickly.

Honestly I'm just relieved HP has come around and realized sticking with Windows on everything might not be the best bet. I look forward to what HP makes, but I'll probably stick to my Nexus.

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