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Microsoft "Although Bill Gates stepped away from his day-to-day role at Microsoft nearly five years ago, he still keeps a close eye on the company he co-founded - and he isn't always happy with what he sees. During a recent interview broadcast this morning on CBS This Morning, the Microsoft chairman was asked by Charlie Rose whether he was happy with Steve Ballmer's performance as chief executive. Noting that there have been 'many amazing things' accomplished under Ballmer's leadership in the past couple of years, Gates said he was not satisfied with the company's innovations." It's impossible to deny by this point that Microsoft hasn't done well in mobile. It would be more surprising if Gates had denied it.
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RE[7]: integration
by zima on Sat 23rd Feb 2013 13:37 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: integration"
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>Xbox needs an app store. Maybe this will all tie into that. Hopefully. Xbox has the potential to disrupt gaming and do for games what the phone app stores did for normal software development: Democratize it.
It wouldn't be much of a disruption as Microsoft have already been beaten to that goal at least twice before:

* Nintendo already did that on the Wii. Not just for professional games either, but home brew as well.

* The Dreamcast also did this, but to a far less sophisticated level (but back then the vast majority of people were still on dial up, so the DC still deserves some kudos)

I will grant you that the Dreamcast (as awesome as it was), didn't take off, and the Wii isn't really a "gamers console", but even so, it's already been done.

I don't recall anything like that for the Dreamcast ...was it for software running on its memory cards? Japan-only?

And Nintendo is notoriously unfriendly to indies...

Either way, it would still be a disruption, when on the scale of likely future Xbox ecosystem.

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