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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Google is growing increasingly concerned with Samsung's dominance of the Android - and smartphone - landscape. Supposedly, the topic is being openly discussed at Google, and as far as I'm concerned, that's great news.
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RE[2]: See ya Samsung
by Morgan on Wed 27th Feb 2013 11:24 UTC in reply to "RE: See ya Samsung"
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I have a friend who was a die hard HTC fan until he got a Note 2, on my recommendation. He is in phablet heaven now! He actually has two full tablets, a Nexus 7 and an Asus Transformer Infinity, and he still uses the phone as a tablet far more than the other two despite how cool Asus hardware is.

As for me, well my first and only Samsung phone is my Nexus S 4G, and the only issue I ever had was with the back button registering phantom keypresses constantly, throwing me out of whatever app I was in. That was fixed with a switch to CyanogenMod, which also gained me a bit more battery life and working native tethering. Overall I love the phone. I've even tried out a BlackBerry Style recently (my second favorite mobile phone platform after classic Palm Garnet) and I quickly went back to the Android phone.

If Samsung does fork Android or abandon it in favor of Tizen, I'll gladly follow them, provided I'm not blown away by BB10 when I get to try it anyway.

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RE[3]: See ya Samsung
by modmans2ndcoming on Fri 1st Mar 2013 23:55 in reply to "RE[2]: See ya Samsung"
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My problem with the SGS4G is that there is no official CyanogenMod for it :-(

XDA has been a life saver for me since purchasing this damn thing. Running CM9.1 unofficial until CM 10 unofficial works better on the hardware.

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