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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Google is growing increasingly concerned with Samsung's dominance of the Android - and smartphone - landscape. Supposedly, the topic is being openly discussed at Google, and as far as I'm concerned, that's great news.
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by kurkosdr on Wed 27th Feb 2013 15:29 UTC
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Tizen is actually for feature phones. The "domestic OSes" the Asian manufacturers used to have are becoming outdated fast, and Android doesn't really work well in phones with under 512MBs of RAM and low-end CPUs. Nokia has Nokia OS ( ) and is making a killing from the Series 30 and Series 40 phones they sell in developing countries. Nokia actually turns a profit despite their smartphones sales being low thanks to Series30/40, so it's natural that other manufacturers want a piece of the "feature phone" pie. Firefox OS has a similar purpose.

What Samsung could do to screw Google? They don't have to do something as radical as throw the Android app compatibility away and pissing off customers. All they have to do is slowly deviate more and more from the official Android. Develop alternatives to things like Google Play, Google Music/Movies etc, let those alternatives grow (by attracting developers and adding content) so that the importance of Google Play and Music/Movies decreases, and then remove Google Play/Music/Movies altogether. Google has every reason to fear that.

The Tizen vs Android thing? A complete joke born out of the imagination of some bloggers. Two different classes of products.

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