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Mozilla & Gecko clones "Firefox OS could actually be wildly successful, no matter how underwhelming the actual phones may be. And that's because - at least for now - you're not the customer; your carrier is." I'm extremely disappointed by Firefox OS so far. There's nothing wrong with the low-end hardware we've seen during MWC, but there is something wrong with low-end hardware that can't even properly run its operating system. To make matters worse, carriers are the boss here. Terrible first impression.
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I've never had that problem; it works fine even for my parter, who for some reason refuses to close tabs, and normally has over 200 open on a windows box.
Problem sites *will* crash the browser, but you just don't open that tab when you reload the browser - they load on demand, so when the browser restarts, only one tab will actually load.

Differing experiences and all, but this is with only two tabs open, and every extra tab increases chromium's usage by a lot more than it does firefox's - it's pretty much as close as they ever come in usage for me.

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It all swings and roundabouts. But with most traditional computers having at least 2GB of memory, it really is a none-issue. What is a problem is the browser becoming un-responsive.

With Chrome this just doesn't happen as often as Firefox older IEs.

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I use modern Firefox quite heavily on Windows 7 at work, and on Ubuntu 12.04 at home. Older Firefox versions suffered horribly from responsiveness and runaway memory problems, and I switched to Chromium at home to avoid it for quite some time. But I recently switched back to Firefox, and the problems seem to have been completely resolved.

Understand that I still like Chrome, and didn't switch away because it had any serious problems, I just find Firefox now works better for me.

(When I say "quite heavily", I mean that I typically have 30-40 tabs open in 3 browser windows on my home machine, and perhaps 10 in a single window at work.)

All that said, I'm about 3,217x more excited about Ubuntu Touch than FirefoxOS, but I'll definitely give them both a try.

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