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Windows After ditching its Windows RT tablets from the US market, Samsung has now also confirmed to it's going to stop selling them in Germany and several other European countries. The company cites lack of interest from consumers and confusion over what Windows RT is. Combined with the massive discounts Microsoft is now giving to OEMs, the writing is on the wall here: Windows 8 - specifically on tablets but also in general - is turning into a failure.
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Congratulations, you are the atypical consumer. Your psychological make-up makes you methodical and prepared. It also makes you part of a minority. Most people don't want to know what magic goblins make the thingamajig go. As long as it goes.

If it says Windows on the tin, it better do what Windows does. No, what kind of incompatible goblins (ARM) are underneath is irrelevant. If Auntie Maggie's Birthdaycard Maker Deluxe doesn't work on Windows RT, then Windows RT is broken. Especially because Windows RT carries a desktop mode, so it definitely smells like regular Windows.

You want to know the thought processes involved? Pick an area that absolutely doesn't interest you, doesn't interest you at all. Now go research that and see how much detail you allow yourself to eek out of it.

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Exactly. Also Microsoft did a great deal to spread the story "its Windows!" in there billion dollar marketing splash. Hey, they even went that far to make Windows desktop and RT and Phone look the same, name it the same. Its all Windows, its the same. Reality is it isn't. It looks so and marketing says so but it just is not. Those products are so highly incompatible to each other that it isn't fun anymore. Even Linux with Wine is more compatible to Windows desktop then RT is.

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