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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless After a few months of planning, several weeks of work, and possibly a few kilometres of aimless pacing through the living room, I'm happy to present "Palm: I'm ready to wallow now". This massive article (22,000 words) covers countless aspects of Palm, its devices, its operating system, and the company's importance to the mobile industry. I start with a detailed look at the history of handwriting recognition, after which I move on to the four hardware products I believe are crucial in understanding Palm as a company. Of course, I also dive into Palm OS, covering the kernel, its filesystem (or lack thereof), 'multitasking' capabilities, user experience, and much more. Important Palm OS licensees like Sony and Handspring make an appearance, and I cover the failed attempt at modernising the Palm OS: Palm OS 6 Cobalt. Finally, the conclusion ties it all together. For the first time in OSNews' history, you can also buy this article to support OSNews and make more articles like this possible in the future (don't worry - the regular online version is free, as always!). I suggest you grab a coffee, sit back, and enjoy.
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RE: PDF version
by Wondercool on Mon 11th Mar 2013 16:04 UTC in reply to "PDF version"
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I kinda like the experiment. Let's get rid of the shitty ad based culture - which I don't see anyway as I use an ad blocker, who does?? - and get back to paying people for making content.

I hope Adam gets a slice too for hosting the site.

You will get my money Thom

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RE[2]: PDF version
by kjmph on Tue 12th Mar 2013 03:29 in reply to "RE: PDF version"
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I agree with you. I will purchase as well, I would like to support this, and the ad driven model just promotes views with incendiary headlines.

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RE[2]: PDF version
by lucas0 on Tue 12th Mar 2013 12:27 in reply to "RE: PDF version"
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The ads on osnews aren't annoying at all, I've deactivated my adblocker here.
As long as these 2 points (no annyoing ads and good content) are valid I don't see any need for an adblocker.

I bought the PDF. I'd like to see more long article with deep insight in history, development and decisions of a company. Maybe also some (technical) interviews with developers (e.g. with Jolla / Mer people)?

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RE[3]: PDF version
by Wondercool on Tue 12th Mar 2013 13:23 in reply to "RE[2]: PDF version"
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I can't disagree more. The whole idea of advertising is to brainwash you to buy something or to buy a specific brand.

Clearly this brainwashing is working else advertsing would have stopped a very long time ago...

To me it seems that every year humans become more and more a consumer, someone you can sell something to, an economic resource rather than a fellow traveller of life.

I also don't buy into the argument that else 'many sites would disappear as you deprive authors from an income'. Before 2000 most websites including OSNews -still is- were a labour of love, content was good, web design often bad geocity anyone??. After the commercialisation of the net, it's often a dime a dozen.

Just take a look at technology sites: engadget, theverge, ars technica, pocket lint, boy genius report, anand, pcpro uk, wired, slashgear, etc etc.
Now surely they look slightly different and all have a slightly different angle but by large they review the same products. Often their existence is to make money from product announcements by showing (bucket) loads of ads beside the products AND to sell browsing stats to companies (the verge has EIGHT trackers listed by Ghostery).

IMHO it would be extremely welcome if we lose some if not most of these sites, rather sooner than later...

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RE[2]: PDF version
by zima on Tue 12th Mar 2013 18:44 in reply to "RE: PDF version"
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I don't use an ad blocker - if some site has irritating amount & style of ads, it's a good reason to not visit that site.

And OSNews is not among such sites, it respects its readers (but you wouldn't see that, running ad blocker everywhere)

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RE[3]: PDF version
by Wondercool on Tue 12th Mar 2013 19:23 in reply to "RE[2]: PDF version"
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Blocking ads has nothing to do with OSNews or obtrusiveness.

If you allow ads, you allow yourself to be willfully manipulated. We are manipulated enough anyway in this world.

Better to pay for the content upright rather than by ads.

PS my other post got stamped into the ground, but I did actually pay 5 euro and have countless subscriptions on Zinio.

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