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Apple Every year on World Consumer Rights Day (March 15), government-controlled China Central Television (CCTV) broadcasts a special report (in Chinese) damning companies for abusing Chinese consumers. This year the targets included Apple. Apple was accused of giving Chinese consumers worse service than customers in other countries, specifically of giving them replacements that included cases from their old phone, while customers in the UK would get a 100% new product.
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RE[3]: Pricing in China
by oiaohm on Thu 21st Mar 2013 01:47 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Pricing in China"
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"I do think people at Foxconn and similar companies have pretty crappy jobs...."

I don't think you have any idea what a "crappy job" is. I suggest you work construction, outdoors, when the temperature is around 0 degrees F and the wind blowing 15 miles per hour.

Really I would say some of the china factories beat that hands down. At least if you don't die on the job your children are not deformed.

Some of china factories have a very bad record with personal safety gear usage and operational extraction systems and .... Yes there are a lot of china factories that if you applied USA or Australia workplace health and safety would not be allowed to operate.

Yes worst work places are workplaces without any workplace health and safety and its a complete fluke that you get to come home each night. I would say the last port of big ships where humans are cutting the ships apart without any safety gear and many each year die is the worst job on earth. You have better chances of survival on most battle fields on earth than working there.

Some of china factories are not that far behind because toxic chemical exposure and its long term effects.

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