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Windows "Microsoft today announced via its website the general availability of the Windows Embedded 8 family of operating systems. Extending Windows 8 technologies to a spectrum of edge devices, Windows Embedded 8 helps enterprises capitalize on the Internet of Things with the platform to capture, analyze and act on valuable data across IT infrastructures." So, this is NT-based, and not CE-based, right? Even though I'm currently researching and writing about Psion and Symbian, I'm dreading the day I have to sort through the mess that is Microsoft's mobile and embedded systems. Just check the page for Windows Embedded 8, and look at those names. The heck?
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The Verge has an article <a= vs. Microsoft: how Atom processors could kill Windows RT.

I wonder if Microsoft did have an ARM based embedded OS, but since the comparison of Surface vs Surface RT showed how badly Windows performs on ARM if Microsoft is rethinking their entire ARM strategy and are withholding releasing anything else for the platform.

Perhaps this shows how married their software is to Intel, and until they spend more time on development for their mistress ARM they cant even get a divorce.

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