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Windows Paul Thurrot: "Tipped off by a reader, I checked my System log in Event Viewer today and what did I find but a stack of pending updates for all of the core apps in Windows 8. I'm not 100 percent sure this is what I think it is. But if we're right, it looks like 18 of the core apps in Windows 8 are about to get updated. Or, almost all of them." Foley confirms it. By far Windows 8's weakest link, so I'm hoping this is true. Especially the Mail application is dreadful.
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by ze_jerkface on Tue 26th Mar 2013 02:27 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Comment"
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When WinRT implemented those same APIs in native code instead of managed, .NET developers didn't even notice.

.NET developers won't notice any changes in WinRT because they don't care about it. The economic case isn't there. Most .NET developers are not fanboys and will use what they are ordered to or what makes them the most money.

The APIs are the same, the concrete implementations differ.

That's bs, C# is supported but .NET is not directly accessible.

I agree, which is why its nice that the Windows Runtime reduces it by blurring the lines between native and managed code.

No one has asked for such lines to be blurred. Game developers have wanted a C++ layer but has more to do with compatibility than anything else. Microsoft could have provided that without killing Silverlight and creating yet another needless API for application development.

Look, it's great that you spend your day playing with DataGrids and WinForms, and its amusing that you're stuck in 2005, but overall, I don't really care and its not really relevant.

Again you reveal how distant you are from actual Windows development. Fortune 500 hundred companies 'play' with Winforms more than anything else. Microsoft has already FAILED to push WPF and partly due to ignoring criticisms. WinRT will fail even harder because it is another stupid plan from Sinofsky that isn't based in sound thinking. New corporate applications will be built on servers and not with another pointless API that Microsoft wants everyone to use. The corporate world was sick of this bullshit with WPF and we saw what happened to Silverlight, or perhaps you don't remember Microsoft pushing it as the next big thing?

This is like the third or fourth time I've had to beat back your misinformation and frankly, extraordinary ignorance about .NET and Windows Development in general.

I've been right about Windows 8 while you haven't and I'll be right about WinRT as well. I was also right about Sinofsky from day one while you defended his inane plans. I was also right about the stock dropping after the Windows 8 release. I was also right about holiday sales failing to boost Windows 8 sales. I was also right about Surface being a dud.

So go ahead and question my competence when I'm the one with the superior track record of predicting what happens to Microsoft's technologies. I beat all the top Wall St analysts who last year were bullish on MSFT since like you they bought into this stupid, stupid plan. Anyone who took my advice to short the stock at the peak is now sitting pretty.

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by moondevil on Tue 26th Mar 2013 07:03 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment"
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Funny, because my employer is getting a share amount of WPF consulting projects from Fortune 500 companies, who would guess?!

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