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Google It's apparently browser engine day today. After Mozilla and Samsung announcing Servo, Google has just announced it's forking WebKit into Blink. Like WebKit, Blink will be open source, and it will also be used by other browser makers - most prominently, Opera has already announced it's not using WebKit, but Blink. Update: Courtesy of MacRumors, this graph illustrates how just how much Google contributed to WebKit. Much more than I thought. Also, Chrome developer Alex Russell: "To make a better platform faster, you must be able to iterate faster. Steps away from that are steps away from a better platform. Today's WebKit defeats that imperative in ways large and small. It's not anybody's fault, but it does need to change. And changing it will allow us to iterate faster, working through the annealing process that takes a good idea from drawing board to API to refined feature."
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RE[2]: Apple
by bassbeast on Sun 7th Apr 2013 21:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Apple"
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I'll get hate for saying it but the best thing that could happen is Google make JavaScript extinct.

Lets face it folks, JavaScript was built in a simpler time, security wasn't even in the top 5 when they made the thing, it was made when power was measured in small degrees of MHz, honestly it should be taken out back and put down as we can simply do better.

All the work that browser makers like Google have to do to try to mitigate some of the risks of its design like sandboxing are just slapping bandaids on bullet wounds but its never gonna stop the bleeding because it just wasn't built to be in any way secure. I mean imagine if someone back in the day had decided Gopher should be what the web ran on and they just kept bolting more junk on top to make it do what they needed at the time...does anybody think it would be great or even good? Well that is JavaScript.

If any company can do it Google can, they have one of the best engineering teams out there so if anybody could come up with a better and more secure web language it would be them. JavaScript is 18 years old folks, when it came out Windows 95 was just hitting shelves and the Internet was primarily dialup...we can do better folks.

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