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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless The reviews are universally positive, and virtually everyone seems to agree: the HTC One is one heck of an Android device, and quite possibly the best phone currently on the market. Outstanding build quality, great design, fast - and just like the One X before it, it looks like to me it's a far better phone than its Galaxy counterparts. Why, then, is no one buying HTC phones?
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The HTC One is almost my dream-phone
by WereCatf on Tue 9th Apr 2013 06:34 UTC
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The One looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the fact that it's not a yet-another plastic toy -- the aluminum casing has been designed exceedingly well and the few elements that had to be added so the antennas would function just increase the effect. The specs are fine, the display is good and so on, so it's close to being a dream-phone for me. The reasons why I am not buying, however, are as follows:

* My Galaxy Note is still perfectly functional and I just don't need a new phone at this time.
* I wish the One had a slightly bigger display, similar in size to the Note.
* I want a phone with a dedicated camera-button.
* The reviews I've read mention the One as not having all that stellar battery-life and, well, neither does my Note -- speaking from experience I don't want mediocre battery-life anymore.

I really don't give a flying fuck about removable batteries and I don't need an SD-card-slot, either: on my 16GB Note I've got a 16GB microSD-card since day one, but to this day I still haven't found any use for it as the internal memory has been more than enough.

Alas, I'm afraid no one else will come out with such a high-quality phone as the One in the sizes I want and with a larger battery, so I don't know if I'll ever find a replacement for my current phone that will fully satisfy me.

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