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Legal "The OFT has launched an investigation into whether children are being unfairly pressured or encouraged to pay for additional content in 'free' web and app-based games, including upgraded membership or virtual currency such as coins, gems or fruit. Typically, players can access only portions of these games for free, with new levels or features, such as faster game play, costing money." Instances of this may be illegal, especially when it targets children. As for me - I just find it incredibly annoying.
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RE: Um.
by Neolander on Sun 14th Apr 2013 06:14 UTC in reply to "Um."
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Where the flick does a 5-year old get £1700???

Even though "free to play" is a misleading scam; I can't help feeling that parents/guardians are the problem here.

Don't know if things are different in the UK, but in France you cannot own the kind of bank account which works with a credit card below 18. That limitation is probably related to minors' lack of legal responsability: if you cannot be held responsible of, say, keeping your banking information secret, what should the bank do when you stupidly leak it out and then come yelling at them?

This might explain the situation a bit, although if the parents had thought it up a little, they would probably have opened and appropriately tweaked a bank account for the kid under their own names. With the tweaking revolving around not letting the kid spend too much, and especially no more than he has.

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RE[2]: Um.
by kompak on Sun 14th Apr 2013 20:25 in reply to "RE: Um."
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Why would one need a credit card for that? At least in Finland you can buy as much crap as you want with text messages adding directly to your phone bill. Not everyone remembers to add a limit to their kids phone subscription. At least not before the first bill of a couple thousands euros.

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RE[3]: Um.
by Neolander on Mon 15th Apr 2013 05:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Um."
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There is a mechanism for carrier billing in France too, but none of the "modern" mobile OSs support it in their store.

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