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Windows You can say what you will about Windows Phone and Windows 8's Metro interface (I refuse to drop that name) - it's inefficient, unpopular, cumbersome, beautiful, ugly, organised, clean, limiting - but there's one thing we can all agree on: it's unique and distinctive. CNet has published a profile of Microsoft's Albert Shum, the man behind Metro, and he highlights what I think is at the very core of Microsoft's problems in mobile right now.
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RE: Comment by porcel
by bassbeast on Mon 15th Apr 2013 14:09 UTC in reply to "Comment by porcel"
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Its actually REALLY simple, while it may or may not work on a phone on a desktop? Its putting handlebars on a pickup truck and saying "You are a luddite if you don't embrace the innovation"...uhh, your "innovation" is not as good as what we had before and in many ways its very much worse and THAT is why people aren't buying it.

I mean the last conversation I had here over Metro pretty much nailed it when i pointed out how stupid it was to have shutdown under the icon that stands for options and people popped up saying "So THAT is how you shut it down" because before that they were going the long way around by logging out and getting to it from there.

If a bunch of geeks that spend their time playing with weird OSes (hence why we come to OSNews) can't even figure out how to shut the stupid thing down without just randomly pushing buttons, what chance does Joe Average have? Its NOT intuitive, its NOT discoverable, I have picked up even the more offbeat Linux DEs fairly quickly yet this OS had me beating my head against the wall. I could go on but i think this video says it better than I could..

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RE[2]: Comment by porcel
by zlynx on Mon 15th Apr 2013 20:09 in reply to "RE: Comment by porcel"
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And even looking for the shutdown option is wrong. You're supposed to use the power button. The button that is DESIGNED to Power On and Power Off the device.

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RE[3]: Comment by porcel
by ze_jerkface on Tue 16th Apr 2013 06:18 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by porcel"
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Like much of Windows 8 that's inefficient if my hand is already on the mouse.

Oh BTW the market has already voted and thinks this OS is shit. Scream "you're doing it wrong" all you want but the market has voted just as we Windows 8 critics said they would before this POS was released.

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RE[3]: Comment by porcel
by bassbeast on Tue 16th Apr 2013 09:42 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by porcel"
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WRONG SIR, You are WRONG, someone call a press conference because you are horribly horribly WRONG. I kid but I will show you why that isn't anywhere close to correct..

Why are you wrong? Simple because on Windows computers the power button can do one of several things based on manufacturer and model so you have taken what should be one of the most simple operations and you sir have made it COMPLETELY RANDOM. It can 1.- SHUT DOWN, 2.-SLEEP, 3.-HIBERNATE, 4.-HYBRID do you see the problem?

So the fact that you and several other believe you should have to use a hardware fix for what is plainly a software problem just shows how badly thought out TIFKAM is, its NOT intuitive, NOT discoverable, and as your post just demonstrated takes even simple tasks and makes them worse than what came before.

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RE[3]: Comment by porcel
by Loreia on Tue 16th Apr 2013 09:50 in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by porcel"
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I have my power button set to suspend in Win7 laptop, and if I want to shut down (or restart) I explicitly tell my machine to do so through Start/Shut down/Restart buttons.

Setting Win7 to act like this is a matter of seconds, even for less experienced users. If Win8 is making it hard to setup the same functionality than I wonder who is "doing it wrong", me or usability expert at Microsoft.

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