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Google The day has finally come: Google has started shipping Google Glass to the lucky few early adopters. Now that it's shipping, Google has also unveiled a lot more about the API and the specifications of the device itself. While the company had already given out substantial details at earlier occasions, there are still a few surprises here.
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RE[5]: Just Saying...
by galvanash on Thu 18th Apr 2013 05:37 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Just Saying..."
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I can guarantee in some situations some people won't know or care, these people are usually larger than you and have lots of large friends.

Exactly! I am in no way against Google Glasses used responsibly in the public square, but it is going too far to think you have a implicit "right" to wear them anywhere around anyone at any time... The law may be on your side, but that won't keep your glasses from getting broke (or worse) if you happen to find yourself in the wrong situation...

All Im saying is people get their asses kicked or the phone taken all the time when they point them at a cop, a celebrity, or just a grumpy asshole. Saying its against the law is fine, but it generally doesn't make a bit of difference... The problem with GG is you don't have to whip them out and point them - you just have to be wearing them to elicit such a reaction.

I would just recommend people be cautious and think about where they are before putting them on - someone around you may not appreciate it much.

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