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Windows "Many PC OEMs are dissatisfied with what Microsoft has done with Windows 8 and the way the company has handled the negative response to the operating system. Privately, one OEM source told me that Microsoft is 'destroying' the PC industry, while another claimed that Windows 8 has 'handed over millions of customers to Apple'. Other OEMs are making their displeasure known publicly. Both Lenovo and Samsung have released Start button replacements for Windows 8." Windows Phone isn't the only thing not catching on. I'm really happy with my Surface RT - warts and all - but there's no denying the response to Windows 8 has been Vista-esque bad.
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Can't for the life of me figure out why you got modded down for this, unless we've got more ms trolls than Linux lovers around here these days.
The sad thing is that while you are correct, and the OEMs did bring it on themselves, I'm not sure which would have been worse. Look at what OEMs have done to Android to try to "add value" to their platform. Remember what happened with the various Linux netbooks? The Windows bloatware situation was bad enough, and I'm not certain that having multiple OEMs with "value added features" to any operating system would have been better than what we got. At least, when you did buy a PC, you did know that your applications would definitely run as long as they ran on Windows. Can you imagine the disaster we'd have had if some OEMs customized with Linux, others with FreeBSD, and all incompatible with one another because of "added value?" It would be the Linux fragmentation situation multiplied across the entire PC industry. Had that happened, as bad as classic Mac OS was as a platform, we'd probably have ended up with that being the dominant system in use today for the same reason Windows ultimately dominated.

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