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Apple "All of those questions, messages, and stern commands that people have been whispering to Siri are stored on Apple servers for up to two years, Wired can now report. Yesterday, we raised concerns about some fuzzy disclosures in Siri's privacy policy. After our story ran, Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller called to explain Apple's policy, something privacy advocates have asking for." Apple cares about your privacy.
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RE[2]: Finally?
by MOS6510 on Fri 19th Apr 2013 19:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Finally?"
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You´re rather rude.

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RE[3]: Finally?
by curio on Sat 20th Apr 2013 20:00 in reply to "RE[2]: Finally?"
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Your "You´re rather rude" response would carry a lot more weight--not showing your true colors, if you had tagged all the rude comments in the thread as such. Most notably the first from user jared wilkes (below).

"they continue to needlessly use the tired trope and look like jacktastic assholes doing so, or Gruber has been ineffective at shaming these idiots."

Then we could all assume you're seeking a degree from The Emily Post Institute, and boning up on your skills at correcting (all) rude people. But no, you've self identified yourself as a Gruber parrot wanna-be and consummate "Bag Lapper" for the Apple cause by singling out my, rather mild rudeness, by comparison.

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RE[4]: Finally?
by MOS6510 on Sat 20th Apr 2013 20:22 in reply to "RE[3]: Finally?"
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Your mild rudeness seems to be gravitating towards above average rudeness.

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