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Apple "Apple just posted its hotly-anticipated Q2 2013 earnings, and the company posted a profit of $9.5b on revenues of $43.6b, compared to $11.6b in profit on $39.2b in revenue this quarter last year and $13.1b in profit on $54.5b in revenue last quarter. That's right in line with the company's guidance from last quarter. Most importantly, iPhone sales are fairly flat year-over-year. Apple sold 37.04 million in Q2 2013 versus last year's 35.1 million, a modest growth of seven percent. iPad sales for the quarter were 19.5 million, up a massive 65 percent from last year's 11.8 million, but the average selling price (ASP) dropped fairly steeply year-over-year, likely due to the introduction of the cheaper iPad mini."
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RE[9]: It's a funny old world
by leos on Fri 26th Apr 2013 03:49 UTC in reply to "RE[8]: It's a funny old world"
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My issue with this line of thinking is that Apple have shown that they don't need to assert as much control as they do today to provide a good user experience. Your iMac was pretty much as usable running Snow Leopard as it is running Mountain Lion,

You still haven't mentioned a single thing you could do with Snow Leopard that you can't do with Mountain Lion. Nothing was taken away. Things were added, and if you don't like those things don't use them.

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Here are a few things which you could do on older Macs, but cannot do anymore with recent hardware and OSX releases:

-Develop software that cannot be banned from any tweak-free Mac by the mere revocation of a signing key.
-Replace a laptop battery without Apple's assistance or opening the whole computer.
-Install a fresh OS copy, including when hard drive contents get corrupt.
-Upgrade the OS without an App Store account.
-Connect a laptop to an Ethernet network without using an adapter.
-Operate the system tools in a no-nonsense fashion, without over-the-top animations constantly interfering.

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