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Java The Lightweight Java Game Library provides a simple API to OpenGL, OpenAL, OpenCL and Game Controllers enabling the production of state of the art games for Windows, Linux and Mac. Version 2.9.0 contains a complete rewrite of the mac backend, support for FreeBSD, new OpenGL/OpenCL extension and bug fixes. The library is used by many high profile games such as Minecraft, Spiral Knights, Revenge of the Titans, Project Zomboid, Starsector, JMonkeyEngine, etc.
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"My guess is, that's because Java is a proprietary programming language where Sun/Oracle's runtime is the de facto standard while other runtimes are second-class citizen."

This is not true for any Java certified VM or native compiler.

What is different about those?

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They are also first class citzens.

There are many embedded systems out there running Java Embedded and Java Card runtimes, either in VM or AOT mode.

Many of those systems use certified third party implementations, not the one from Oracle.

If you wish I can produce a list.

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What makes these first-class citizens? Are they developed in the same conditions as the JRE, including with the same awareness of, and control on, new language or standard library features?

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So what platforms, other than Windows have you used Java on so that is that user unfriendly? All Unix like platforms there are no user oriented issues. As in, you barely know that there is Java installed.

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I have provided more details about other systems' issues elsewhere, but basically, regarding Unices...

-On Linux, Oracle JVM may or may not install properly and survive system updates, while OpenJDK has compatibility issues that may make it abruptly crash without explanations when trying to run some software (at least it was the case last time I dealt with those).

-On OSX, the JRE isn't installed by default anymore, is banned from the App Store by design, and it gets increasingly hard to install software that's distributed in a decentralized fashion. Sure, all that is Apple's fault, not Oracle's, but tell that to users...

-According to someone else here, Dalvik on Android may have only weak compatibility with Java software.

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