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Games "At the end of a week in which Electronic Arts confirmed it wasn't developing a thing for the Wii U, one of the software engineers in EA Sports' Canada studio, in a series of since-deleted tweets, disparaged the console as 'crap' and suggested Nintendo should give up on hardware altogether. 'The Wii U is crap. Less powerful than an Xbox 360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet', tweeted Bob Summerwill, listed as a senior software engineer at EA Canada, in a reply to a tweet posting a link about EA's no-Wii U news. 'Nintendo are walking dead at this point'." The Wii U is turning into the 21st century's Virtual Boy.
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It doesn't matter what country you are in

Actually, it matters a lot. Company policy does not over-ride local law. Sure, you can still be fired but only if the company think it's a good idea to get bad press, pay fines and maybe even re-instate you due to unlawful termination.

Employers can & do fire employees for the stupid, insensitive, and inappropriate things tweeted or stated elsewhere on social media in 'their own time' off the company clock.

You do know that there are more than 5 countries in the world, right?

You can also believe that it is somehow against the 'law' do so, but you would again be wrong

Fortunately for the rest of the world, U.S law does not apply outside of the U.S borders.

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I will presume that you simply answered in haste. Otherwise, you are starting come off as having poor reading comprehension skills.

Those were merely examples. Feel free to use the Google yourself to find plenty others.

Did you read that last link? That was a court in the Netherlands - not the United States. In other words, this has next to nothing to do with US laws.

This is fairly standard practice in politics and in business the world over. If you state things that in any way link yourself negatively to your company or political party, you may have the 'right' to say them, but generally you must expect a consequence that generally means resignation or being fired.

If you don't think it can happen in your country or in your corporation, go ahead, make an inappropriate tweet or Facebook comment about your work and see what happens if found out. ;)

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