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Games At an event earlier today, Microsoft unveiled the next Xbox - the third model, but confusingly named Xbox One. The big focus was TV, integrated Kinect, and all the other stuff we all expected to be forced down our throats. I think it took them 25 minutes to actually come to what should be the core of the story: gaming. Nothing groundbreaking in the gaming department, except for how Microsoft intends to handle the used games market and borrowing games from friends: pay up, buddy!
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RE: Comment by lucas_maximus
by Soulbender on Wed 22nd May 2013 02:31 UTC in reply to "Comment by lucas_maximus"
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I don't see how this particular method is going to reduce that piracy though. It really does seem much more like a way to reduce the used games market.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

It ties the game to the account, a similar technique pretty much killed piracy with the original half life otherwise you couldn't play online (counter strike and Team Fortress was massive).

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Kivada Member since:

No it didn't, it just popularized private servers. Which due to their private nature provided a better product then the company could with it's public servers. The private servers could better police cheaters and cultivate a better quality of multiplayer game then what is possible when any 12 year old kid can jump into the room and start team killing.

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RE[2]: Comment by lucas_maximus
by bert64 on Thu 23rd May 2013 09:25 in reply to "RE: Comment by lucas_maximus"
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That's the whole point..

Pirates are not willing to spend money, its a waste of effort trying to get them to do so.

Those who buy used games or lend their games to friends *are* willing to spend money, so you expend effort to screw more of it out of them.

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Pirates are not willing to spend money, its a waste of effort trying to get them to do so.

They aren't? Most of the recent studies actually say that pirates are among the people who spend the MOST money on the same stuff they pirate. Hell, I belong in that same group myself.

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