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Opera Software The new WebKit Opera for Android has been released. "Opera 14 for Android is built on top of Chromium 26, with a total overhaul of the UI in native code, making it fit well with the latest Android design guidelines. Go get the build from Google Play or point your browser to, and give it a spin!"
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Font issues fixed?
by phoenix on Thu 23rd May 2013 19:39 UTC
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I prefer Opera on my Android phone, been using it since I got the phone. Tried Opera Beta (with Webkit/Blink engine) but removed it within a few days. The page reformatting via double-tap was broken. Trying to read osnews or slashdot was frustrating due to the changing font size with every level of quoting, but only the text not the headers! There were a few other issues, but not being able to easily read websites with threaded conversations made me remove it.

If they haven't fixed that rendering issue, I'll be sticking with this last version of Opera for ever, I guess.

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